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At St John Ambulance Cymru, our mission is to make first aid for everyone – anytime, anywhere. In order to achieve this, we aim to train as many members of the public in life saving first aid skills as possible. The profits made from our workplace courses allow us to provide free awareness training in Welsh communities and help us work towards our goal. All training for children is also offered free of charge.

We have two courses available for the general public (these can also be used for workplaces if they meet your first aid needs assessment requirements). These are the Basic First Aid course which teaches you to treat adults, and the Child and Infant First Aid course which focuses on identifying symptoms and treating children and infants (from birth to puberty). These courses are chargeable.

We also offer 4 awareness sessions, covering First Aid Awareness, Child and Infant Awareness, Outdoor First Aid Awareness and Public Access Defib Awareness. All awareness sessions are free of charge and are 2 hours long. Please contact us so that we can work together to find the right programme for your needs. All awareness sessions are free of charge and are 2 hours long. Please note, awareness sessions are not suitable for workplace needs but can be delivered to both children and adults free of charge if you fall into certain categories (e.g. a community group / volunteer group). Please contact us for further details.

We offer first aid assemblies, first aid awareness and full Young Lifesaver training to children in schools, for more information please click here.

Throughout the year, we run 3 campaigns in conjunction with other organisations to increase public knowledge of valuable lifesaving skills. During these campaigns we have an increased amount of awareness courses on offer, so please check back a few weeks before each campaign begins:

Defibruary - Throughout the month of February, we aim to train as many people as possible in using a defibrillator. 

Child Safety Week - During the first week of June, we reach out to communities to arm them with first aid skills for children and infants. 

Save a Life September - The month of September sees us working within communities in Wales to raise awareness for basic first aid skills. 

Our full list of courses for the general public and young people are below. For any further advice please contact our customer service team, who will be happy to help on 0345 678 5646 or

Basic First Aid
Child & Infant Awareness Online
Child & Infant First Aid
Child & Infant First Aid Awareness
First Aid Awareness Online
First Aid Awareness Session
Outdoor First Aid Awareness
Outdoor First Aid Awareness Online
Public Access Defib Awareness
Public Access Defib Awareness Online