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First Aid at Work »
The benchmark for First Aid at Work. This 3 day course is recognised by the HSE and qualifies the student to be the company's designated First Aider.
First Aid at Work Requalification »
The HSE recognised First Aid at Work certificate is valid for three years. To remain qualified, your employees must complete this course before their certifcate expires.
Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate »
This course is ideal for smaller, low risk companies that only need basic First Aid cover.
First Aid at Work Annual Update »
This refresher course provides you with an opportunity to practice and update your skills at any time during your three year period as a qualified first aider.

First Aid Needs Assessment Calculator

St John Wales Training Company Limited - First Aid Needs Assessment Tool
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This First Aid Needs Assessment tool has been developed as an aid to help you to determine your Workplace First Aider requirements. Please complete your First Aid Needs Assessment by completing each of the 5 Section question boxes in regard to your organisation's work activities.As you complete each of the 1 - 5 sections of the FANA an appropriate risk score is generated with a suggested provision. Upon completion you will be presented with an indicative FANA score and suggested minimum First Aider provision.

Workplace Hazards/Risk Associated Injuries Risk Factor Enter 'y' where appropriate Assessment Risk Score

Workplace Hazards and Associated Injuries

Fractures, Lacerations, Sprains and Strains 50
Fractures, Lacerations, Sprains and Strains 50
Crush Injuries, Amputations, Fractures, Lacerations, Eye Injuries 50
Head Injuries, Loss of Consciousness, Spinal Injuries, Fractures, Sprains and Strains 50
Crush Injuries,Spinal Injuries, Fractures,Loss of Consciousness, Lacerations 50
Electric Shock, Loss of Consciousness, Cardiac Arrest, Burns, Fractures 50
Poisoning, Loss of Consciousness, Burns, Eye Injuries 50
Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Hypothermia, Loss of Consciousness 50
Poisoning, Loss of Consciousness,Lacerations, Fractures, Sprains and Strains 50
Workplace Demographics Assessment Criteria Risk Factor Enter'y' where appropriate Assessment Risk Score

Workforce Demographics

Number of employees 5
young persons or trainees 50
workers working alone or traveling 25
Male/Female orientation 100
worker associated health problems 50
Working Arrangements Assessment Criteria Risk Factor Enter'y' where appropriate Assessment Risk Score

Workforce Working Arrangements

daytime working operations 50
day working and single shift working pattern operations 50
day working and multi-shift working pattern operations 150
activities involving multi-floor or multi-building operations located at the same site 100
site or location greater than 10 minutes from medical support response i.e. ambulance 50
Accident History Assessment Criteria Risk Factor Enter'y' where appropriate Assessment Risk Score

Historical Accident Records

minor injuries cuts and bruises and illness - able to return and continue to work 25
more serious injuries and illness requiring further medical attention but no time-off work 51
more serious injuries or illness resulting in further medical attention and time-off work 100
Non Employee Workplace Provision Assessment Criteria Risk Factor Enter'y' where appropriate Assessment Risk Score

Non Employee Provision

average visitors per day 0-25
average visitors per day 51-149
average visitors per day 150-300


Assessment SUMMARY

Appointed Person

First Aider Types Identified
plus Holiday / Absence Cover


Emergency First aider at Work

First aider at work

Multiple First Aider at Work

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